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Sterling Hudson Receives Mentorship Award

The Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Morehouse College National Alumni Association Honors Sterling Hudson with the Marvin Mangham Sr. Mentorship Award

June 21, 2011 - "Honoring Our Fathers”, was the theme of the 1st Annual Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Morehouse College National Alumni Association Award and Scholarship Breakfast. The Chapter made three awards, one each in honor of outstanding males who have made a difference the areas of Service, Mentorship, and Fatherhood. Sterling Hudson, President/CEO of Child First USA a nonprofit child advocacy organization, received the Marvin Mangham Sr. Mentorship Award for mentoring hundreds of Morehouse College students and prospective students as an administrator at the College. Many of the young men Hudson mentored were a part of the audience, and one of his former mentees, H. Lamar Willis, a renowned local politician, received the award for Fatherhood.

Hudson’s career at Morehouse spanned 27 years. In addition to his administrative duties, Hudson led several programs that focused on student development and educational attainment, including the Prospective Student Seminar, the nationally acclaimed Pre-Freshman Summer Program, and the middle school initiative, Project Identity. He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors for his work with young black males, as well as male and females from all walks of life. An accomplished writer, speaker, and consultant, Hudson has been interviewed and quoted by local and national media. Hudson has served on a number of local, state, and national committees, most recently, the College Board’s National SAT Committee.

Sterling "Dean" Hudson continues his remarkable career and dedication to educational innovation as CEO of Child First USA.

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